We will reach out to you to quickly discuss the seed audience you want to use as the input, create your complimentary customized report and send you the results highlighting how Stirista can expand your audience.

How Stirista APT Works


You compile a seed audience from your CRM, mobile app, website, Social Media followers or previous campaigns that we use as the input. 


Stirista APT utilizes the stepwise regression process that create scalable audience segments. Stepwise regression involves selecting independent variables in a model based on an iterative process of adding or removing variables. We compare billions of data points to create your audience segments. The addressable audience segments have consistency with the five key variables we use for our modeling effort: Ethnicity, Affluence, Generation, Lifestyle (marital status, gender, and presence of children), and environment (urban, suburban, town, and rural).


The results include clusters with an on target multiplier of how likely a person represents your seed audience. For example, an On target number of 2 means an individual is 2x more likely to be a customer than the average person. The higher the multiplier, the more likely the individual would convert/engage. 


You get the total number of Stirista records that we can expand your audience by. 


Lookalike audiences increase quality site traffic increasing conversions.

You get the flexibility of viewing the audience size before creating it, ensuring you maximize every dollar of your budget.

Drive purchases for specific products or services, increasing revenue and driving up ROAS.

Activate omnichannel campaigns with Stirista using email, postal, digital, and CTV/OTT, saving you time and money. 

Expand the audience for the most niche products, dramatically lowering your acquisition costs. 

Deliver audience insights powered by Stirista to your advertisers at no cost until activation. 

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Stirista delivers micro-targeted multichannel marketing solutions fueled by super-smart data. 

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